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Growing Orchids need not be intimidating and this site will show how rewarding, exciting and fun these strange and beautiful plants can be.

Imagine....you carefully select a plant to bring home....cultivate and tend to it.... see it flourish and bloom....filling the air with exquisite fragrance.

Want to know why air humidity is important?

Want to know how to avoid crown rot?

Want to know why these flowers like some rooms better than others?

Now you can learn about:

  • Propagation
  • Different cultivation methods
  • Choosing mixes for the pot
  • When to repot
  • Pest and disease control
  • Growing indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses
  • Dealing with fungus and budblast
  • Identifying different species

You will find the answers to all these questions, and more!

Let DreamOrchids.com be your portal to the wonderful world of Orchids!

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Light Requirements of Orchids
Light requirements of orchids are variable depending on the species of the plant. Luckily, the plant itself will tell you what it’s needs are. Even if you don’t know what kind....
Watering Orchids
<FONT COLOR=006400>When Watering Orchids, the grower needs to remember that orchids require the right mix of air and water. Not enough air at their roots, can cause rot ....</font>
Orchid Plant Food
Orchid plant food should be 20% or less nitrogen. The amount of the phosphorous and other nutrients is not so important. Some orchid growers like to use a .....
Orchid Pots
Orchid pots are not all the same. Find out what kind of pot is best for your orchid.
Plant Care Orchid Potting Mix
Plant Care of Orchid requires a special potting mix. Instead of organic soils and composts, Orchids need an appropriate mix of water retaining and aerating materials.
Repotting Orchids Demystified
Repotting Orchids is not difficult....anyone can do it in a few easy steps with a new pot, some extra growing medium and a knife. It's really just like repotting any plant, except....
Orchid Pests
Controlling Orchid pests and diseases with all haste is vital for the health of your plant community. Learn what to look for and how to treat common orchid pests.
Orchid Roots and Fungus on Orchids
Fungus on Orchid roots and leaves can cause many problems. If not treated, a fungus on orchids can lead to rot, yellow leaves and orchid death. The easiest thing to do is.....
Orchid Diseases
Orchid diseases can be either Viral or Fungal. It's important to monitor your plants for orchid virus and fungus because they can quickly....
Orchid Care
Orchid care isn’t hard. Like every other living thing, taking care of a few simple needs will keep them happy. Even after you see orchids are unique from most plants you’ve cared for...
Growing Orchids Indoors
Many people enjoy growing orchids indoors in their homes. Here are some tips on indoor orchids and caring for them in a limited space.
Growing Orchids
Tips on growing orchids indoors, outdoors, in trees, baskets, pots, and in the ground. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about orchids....and more.
Orchid Growing Methods
<FONT COLOR=006400>The fun thing about orchid growing is that orchids can be cultivated using many different methods. They can be grown in pots, trees, baskets, terrariums, and ...</font>