Coffee Grounds and Orchids

We are often asked if coffee grounds and orchids are pest attractors. A lot of people like to make double duty of their coffee by putting the grounds on their house plants as compost. Coffee grounds on orchids are not recommended because they will add too much acidity to the growing medium. Too much acidity can burn their roots and keep the orchid from flowering.

In addition, coffee grounds on orchids will attract Pests. Your orchid may become infested with fruit flies or fungus gnats.

Remember, orchids do not need compost and soil like other plants. Instead they need the appropriate mixture of moisture and air. This is created by providing a potting medium that has a mix of course and fiberous ingredients. To find out what materials are suitable for your orchids growing medium, read Orchid Potting Mix.

For recommended fertilizers, go to Orchid Food.

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