Growing Orchids Indoors

Many people enjoy growing orchids indoors in their homes. Window sill placement of plants is often adequate, however some types need special conditions. In this case, you may consider creating a special space or room, just for your orchids. Here are some tips on indoor orchids and caring for them in a limited space.

Growing Orchids Indoors When growing orchids indoors, choose a east or west facing window or room that has bright light, but not direct sunlight.If this is not possible in your home, fluorescent or other grow lights, can simulate the ideal conditions. Specifically, two 20 watt fluorescent tubes with reflectors per 12 X 24 inch area, is recommended. Light set-ups for indoor orchids and caring for are available at nurseries and garden supply stores.

Indoor temperatures should be above 60 degrees at all times. In the daytime, even warmer temperatures are recommended. If your plants are kept on a window sill, be sure to move them at night or when the outdoor temperatures drop low. An alternative is to place a piece of cardboard between the plant and window to provide insulation from the cold.

These plants need moist air. Placing pots on wet gravel in trays is a good idea. Keep 1/2 inch of water in the gravel....this will evaporate and provide humidity. Using a mister to give your plants an occasional spritz will also provide the moisture your plants need.

Air circulation is important. Open windows when the weather is warm, or place a small fan in the growing space.

Growing Orchids Indoors

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