Growing Orchids

Growing orchids in a terrarium is a lot of fun. But care needs to be taken in your choice of species.

Your best choices for growing orchids this way, will be species of the Terrestrial type of orchids. These can tolerate more moisture and less light than other types, and are compatible with other plants that do well in terrariums.....such as ferns and moss.

You can identify your plant as Terrestrial by looking at it’s roots and leaves. If the roots are thick and have hair-like rootlets, and the leaves are relatively wide and soft, your orchid is a Terrestrial.

The size of your plant is a consideration when creating a terrarium habitat. Unless you are making a very large terrarium, miniatures are best.

Terrariums are closed eco-systems.... the moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide are continually recycled and so the habitat is self sustaining. Some people even like to put small lizards or frogs into this world, along with meal worms and other store-bought insects.

Here’s what you do:

  • Start with a container that is waterproof and can be sealed tightly.
  • Add a layer of sterile gravel or small rocks.
  • Add a layer of potting medium that is appropriate for Terrestrial Orchids. A humus rich soil along with tree fern or coconut fibers will do the job
  • Carefully plant your orchids, ferns, and other plants.
  • Moisten thoroughly but do not saturate the growing medium.
  • Now add your critters and insects and seal the Terrarium.

Place it in an area with steady temperatures no lower than 60 degrees, and moderate to high light. Do not place in direct sunlight however. This will turn your terrarium into a Sun-Oven.

If you find that the terrarium sides are constantly fogged up with moisture, let some of the moisture evaporate out by partially removing the lid for awhile.

If you add frogs or other creatures to your terrarium, make sure you understand what their needs are. You will periodically need to add insects for them to eat.

That’s It!

growing orchids terrarium When growing orchids in this environment,it is vital to keep watch for signs of disease and fungus. If your orchids become sick you will need to re-do your terrarium.....treating the plants for disease, and sterilizing the habitat. For in-depth information about dealing with disease and fungus, and other orchid topics, check out the links below or see the menu to the left.


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