Light Requirements of Orchids

Light requirements of orchids are variable depending on the species of the plant. Luckily, the plant itself will tell you what it’s needs are. Even if you don’t know what kind of orchid you have, there are two easy ways to determine how much light is needed.

Light Requirments Orchids The size and shape of the orchids leaves will give the first clue. Plants that have long, slender leaves have the greatest need for light and should be placed in an area of strong light for most of the day. If the leaves are softer and wider, the orchid will tolerate less light and may even like a shady spot.

The growth of your orchid will also indicate its need for more light......or less.

Look at the new growth. Are the new leaves the same size and shape as the old leaves?
If they are......then you know they are getting the right amount of light.
If they are elongated, soft and dark, your plant is telling you it needs more light.

Use Shadow Testing to determine the light intensity in a given area. Hold you hand one foot away from a wall or table. The resulting shadow darkness will tell you if the light conditions in that area are high, medium or low.

Light requirements for Orchids

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