Orchid Care....
Things to consider

OK, so you just bought that orchid.
Now what?

Relax. Orchid care isn’t hard. Like every other living thing, taking care of a few simple needs will keep them happy. Even after you see orchids are unique from most plants you’ve cared for...it’s the basics that count.

Orchid Care There are really just a few factors involved in orchid care. Once these are addressed, even orchid types requiring very specific care are not as daunting. Here we will discuss these factors in general terms. You will find in-depth information on these subjects by using the menu to the left.

Light is an important factors to consider. If your orchid gets too little light, it may not flower, and it’s leaves will be soft and unattractive. The look of the plant could also be stretched, where the space between leaves is longer and new leaves are longer and thinner. But, if an orchid gets too much sun, it might get sunburned . For details on this subject and a guide that will tell you how much light your specific orchid needs, go to Light.

Careful Watering is necessary in the care of orchids. Too much or too little water can kill the orchid or leave the plant in a weakened state where pests and diseases can move in. Avoiding fungus and rot is important. For in-depth information on watering, Click Here

Air humidity and Air Circulation are important considerations when deciding where you will place your plant. Too little moisture in the air can stunt your orchid and contribute to Bud Blast. Read more.....

Orchids require a special kind of Potting Mix. Unlike other plants that need soil and compost, orchids instead thrive on the proper mix of air and moisture. Care for Orchids requires a growing medium that is a mix of inorganic materials and fibers. For more specifics, and recipes, go to Potting Mix

For more general information about Orchid Care, including nutrition, identifying problems, and choosing a pot, go to Orchid Care Part 2

For Detailed information on these subjects, see the menu to the left.

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