Orchid Pots

Choosing orchid pots requires some consideration. Beside the obvious....small orchid, small pot...big orchid, big pot situation, there are a few other things to think about.

Pots can be either clay or plastic. Your choice will depend on your orchid type and its watering needs.

Clay pots are porous....they breathe. The growing medium inside, dries out uniformly. Orchids with less water requirements, like cattleyas, do well in this kind of pot. Clay pots that are glazed on the inside should be avoided because the glazing keeps the clay from wicking away excess moisture. It is important to choose clay orchid pots with drainage holes because trapped water can rot the growing medium, quickly leading to root damage and unhealthy plants.

Plastic pots, being non-porous provide less ventilation for the orchid roots. The growing medium inside plastic pots dries out more slowly, and from the top down. Orchids like Miltonias and Moth orchids that prefer a slight dampness benefit from a plastic pot.

Both types of pots can have a number of holes on the sides for enhanced ventilation. For tree orchids, and varieties that like dry roots, this type can be a good choice.

When taking care of orchids there are many ways to cultivate other than in pots. For more information, click on the links below.

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