Orchid Roots
Fungus on Orchids

Fungus on Orchid roots and leaves can cause many problems. If not treated, a fungus on orchids can lead to rot, yellow leaves and orchid death. The easiest thing to do is avoid the conditions that allow funguses in the first place.

Preventing Fungus on Orchids:

  • Do not water your orchids on cool, cloudy days
  • Do not over water.... Orchid roots may rot
  • Keeping the air volume moving by opening windows or using a fan
  • Change the growing medium before it has a chance to decay
  • Treat funguses promptly, before they can infect other plants

If you do find fungus on Orchids, it will most likely be one of the following:

Black Rot Fungus can develop in orchid roots and leaves if the plant is left standing in water or in a rotting growing medium. You will see soft rotted areas on leaves and new growth, which may spread to the roots......eventually killing the orchid.

Infected leaves begin by looking purplish brown, and then turn black. The outside edge of the infected is yellowish.

Treat by cutting the infected area off, including 1/2” of healthy tissue. Sterilize your tools after each cut by cleaning with alcohol or briefly heating with a flame. Then, saturate the plant with a fungicide containing Etridiazole. Keep the plant alone, in a low moisture place until it dries.

Repot with new potting material and a new sterile pot. Water moderately until the orchid has recovered.

Root Rot Fungus causes the plant to lose it vitality over a period of months before it dies. The orchid will look droopy and stunted. Brown and black blotchy areas will be seen in the roots. Yellow leaves on orchid will appear gnarled.

Treat by cutting off all rotted roots and infected areas, sterilizing your cutting tool after every cut as described above. Repot in new potting material and a new sterile pot. Take outside and saturate it with a fungicide as directed on the label.

Leaf Spot Fungus affects injured leaves. This fungus appears as yellow leaves on Orchid. First, on the underside. Overtime is spreads to the top of the leaf and develops into roundish brown sunken spots, 1/16“ wide or smaller.

Treat by removing badly damaged leaves and spraying with a fungicide.

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